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This blog is to help me remember all the great books I want to have in my future classroom!

David Shannon Books

David Shannon Collection Set of 6 Books: A Bad Case of Stripes; David Gets in Trouble; David Goes to School; No, David!; The Rain Came Down; and Too Many Toys (David Shannon Books) - David Shannon

David Shannon books are all wonderful. My favorite out of his collection would have to be "A Bad Case of the Stripes." I love the creative illustrations and humor behind it. I could use this book in a classroom by teaching students that it's okay to be different than their peers/classmates. In this book, Camilla is worried what other people will think if they find out she likes lima beans. So she tries to fit in, and ends up turning all kinds of different colors and prints. After reading this book to the class, an activity I could possibly do would be for each student to draw a big picture of themselves and decorate it with their own colors/print just like Camilla. 

Grade Level: 3rd grade