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This blog is to help me remember all the great books I want to have in my future classroom!


Matilda - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

Love this one!! This is a book that was also made into an awesome movie. It's about a young girl named Matilda who has a hard time at home dealing with her parents and not really feeling loved. She goes to school so excited expecting it to be THE best experience…that is until she meets the mean principal Miss Trunchbull. However, she has an amazing teacher Miss Honey who just adores her and really cares about her. I always aspire to be a teacher like Miss Honey was to Matilda. This 4th grade level book could be used in a lot of writing assignments in the classroom. For example: Since Matilda loves to read, I could get my class to write on their favorite book, a review on this one, and I would also love to let my class watch the movie after we read the book so we could compare and contrast. So many options with this book.