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This blog is to help me remember all the great books I want to have in my future classroom!

Stephanie's Ponytail

Stephanie's Ponytail (Classic Munsch) - Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko

Robert Munsch is such an amazing author. This fun book is about a girl named Stephanie who wanted to be different and wear a ponytail to school, and at first the kids in her class saw it and thought she looked "ugly," but came to school the next day wearing ponytails too. Stephanie felt that they were copying her so she came the next day with her hair in a ponytail on the side of her head..all the kids thought she looked ugly again, and then the next day copied her. There were a couple more times that happened until she exaggerated saying she was going to just shave her head, and I'm sure you can guess what happens in the end! I could use this book to teach to my students the importance of just being yourself and to not feel obligated to follow the crowd. I feel as though 3rd grade level would be best for this book.